Slyce Pizza: How Fort Collins’ Iconic Pizza Joint Got Its Start

Jeremy Tand got his start in the pizza world much like you’d expect: “I was working at a pizza place in and after college,” he told us in an email. “I did not know at the time that my direction in life was headed that way, but I loved my job and loved coming to work every day, so thought I could probably recreate this atmosphere and create a place I just like working at day in and out.” That’s the dream for all of us, right?

That initial foray into the business of running a shop gave Jeremy the necessary tools to one day own Slyce Pizza Company, and give pizza lovers a place to relax and try exciting new flavors right here in Fort Collins. 

We were able to chat with Jeremy over email about the beginnings of Slyce, what it’s like to be a part of the Old Town community, and his favorite flavor combinations. 


Easy question…why pizza?

I mean, who does not love pizza? I have loved it for as long as I can remember. I eat pizza almost every day of my life, and probably have had more slices of pizza then most people have ever dreamed of. Literally, at least two slices a day for the past, like, 20 years of my life, and that is a low number. I just love pizza, everything about it, so it’s not like I wanted to open a business and also wanted it to be a pizza place. I just wanted to make and eat pizza and was lucky enough, with some hard work, to turn that into a job.  

What is the best part about running a business in Old Town Fort Collins?

I do not know if I have a favorite part of being a part of the Old Town Business Community, but it is amazing to live in this awesome town and be a part of it, and see your company affect the landscape in a positive way. I still feel it is surreal sometimes walking or biking by and seeing the awning or the store and knowing I added something positive to the place I love living in. It is a cool feeling. But the support and community feel of Old Town has been so rewarding. It really feels like a loving strong family of supporters I have been able to serve pizza to these past seven years. 

How does Slyce come up with their signature—and sometimes offbeat—flavors?

Just by keeping our eyes open and kinda seeing or thinking, what do we think could be a good idea? We do not typically think of pizza or what would go on a pizza, but what foods taste good, and if we can make that work on a pizza. Can we recreate the flavors of a famous dish and make it work on a pizza? Some do not work, and then some work out very well. [It’s] a lot of trial and error, and willingness to just go for it and adjust when it does not work. 

What does a typical day look like at Slyce and what is it like being a part of the late night scene in Fort Collins?

A typically day at Slyce can change depending on the day, but overall, we get here in the morning and prep a lot of fresh food. Then we get ready for our lunch crowd. When that dies down, we try our best to turn the kitchen over and repeat it again for dinner, and on the weekends for the evening crowd. 

I do not want to be disrespectful, but I do not feel there is like a “late night scene” in Fort Collins. I mean, compared to where I’ve worked, it is very tame, and I would not say anything out of the ordinary. 

We at Slyce, though, stop selling alcohol at 11 p.m. and stay open till 3 a.m. to make sure anyone who is out or is working can grab a slice before they head home. It is pretty mellow compared to other towns I have worked in or been out visiting. [It’s] truthfully pretty nice, never having to worry about too many incidents or anything like that. [We’re] just happy people are getting a slice of pizza before they head home. We just like serving people pizza, and don’t really mind staying up late to do so. 

What is your favorite pizza on the menu?

Would It be crazy to say you just can’t beat a slice of regular cheese pizza? It might be the slice I eat the most, but the ones I gravitate towards are Penne Pasta, or Cheese Ravioli. Anything that combines Pizza and Pasta are definitely what I lean towards. I have tried every creation we have made, but am a simple and not highly picky eater, so I do not change up my go to’s too often. 

When it comes to the future of Slyce, what are your hopes and aspirations?

I do not spend much time thinking about it. So much happens day to day that it’s hard to create time to plan things out too far. Slyce has always been and will be a company that takes care of its employees first. If people that work for me want to do a second location or grow this one, then that’s where we will go. I look at myself more as the ship captain then someone navigating the ship. I mean, sure, I ultimately pick the direction, but I try to get the feedback of everyone who works for me first. I see no point in just choosing a direction that no one else wants to go down just for my sake. 

I love Slyce and my job so much and am so lucky that we get to be a part of the Fort Collins Community. It truly has become a dream come true every day. I just want to continue to find joy in making pizza and seeing people enjoy pizza while being a meaningful part of the community and making sure my staff that works so hard is treated as greatly as possible. 

As long as I get to eat more pizza and spend time in Colorado with my amazing wife, then I am a pretty happy camper.