Old Town Food Tour Partner Profile: Fort Collins Donut Company

In Fort Collins, when you think of donuts, the first thing that comes (or should come) to your mind is Fort Collins Donut Company which is located in The Exchange in Old Town. Fort Collins Donut Company burst onto the scene in 2018 serving their customers hot, made-to-order donuts that are made right in front of you so you and your family know you are getting the best tasting product possible.

They've captured the personality of Old Town and the city, which is why Old Town Food Tour knew they would be the perfect partner to bring our guests to try their amazing creations!

Old Town Food Tour's Justin Clapp had a chance to talk to Fort Collins Donut Company owner Megan Barghols about their donuts, why it all started, and the support the store has received from the local community. Don't forget to buy your Old Town Food Tour tickets to have a chance to enjoy a generous sample of donuts which will make you want to come back for more!

Fort Collins Donut Company Owner Megan Barghols

Fort Collins Donut Company Owner Megan Barghols

Tell us about Fort Collins Donut Company and what inspired you to launch the store a few short years ago?

FoCo DoCo was inspired by time in the Pacific Northwest! As a whole family, we fell in love with the local donut and coffee shop culture, which seems to be such a big deal up there. My sister had lived in Fort Collins since 2009, and that whole time up until we opened in 2018, there had never been a small local donut shop! FoCo had some big national chains like Lemars, Peace Love and Little Donuts, or Dunkin’, but nothing funky and local. It was vital to us to also use as many local products in our donuts as possible and try to positively impact the community.

What makes Fort Collins Donut Company different and unique?

The big difference between FoCo DoCo and a traditional donut shop is that we make them fresh to order and serve them hot! So many people tell us they have never had a hot fresh donut before.

Fort Collins Donut Company not only sells donuts --- what else can a customer buy when they stop by the store?

Beyond donuts, we offer a full espresso bar with locally roasted beans from The Coffee Registry. We also serve local teas, matcha, and chai lattes. In the summer, we make fresh squeezed OJ as well as homemade lavender lemonade.

Tell us about the flavors you serve at Fort Collins Donut Company. Along with that, what do you think is the most unique flavor you’ve ever sold?

Our flavors range from traditional glazes, cinnamon sugar, or our version of a Boston Cream to more unique rotating flavors like flufferbutter (butterscotch rice crispy treat) or Peach crisp during peach season, and sometimes we go spicy like with our raspberry jalapeno popper! Our craziest flavor we’ve ever done might be our donut & lox – a donut with cream cheese icing, everything bagel seasoning, lox, and chives.

Are there any flavor combinations you haven’t tried yet but have on the horizon?

We have a whole list of flavors we haven’t done yet! Typically on our menu, we are going for a mix of flavors we have already tried, and people loved, to new ones we haven’t done yet. There are a few fruits we haven’t busted out yet that we can find locally that will be making an appearance later this summer. 

You’ve collaborated with local Fort Collins businesses in the past, like with Coppermuse, Horse & Dragon, and more. How important is it for businesses in Fort Collins to work together like what you have done with your collaborations?

We think it's so important to support other small businesses any time we have an opportunity. Luckily Fort Collins is very small business-friendly, and we have tons of people to collaborate with nearby. I recently read a stat that said small businesses account for 60-70% of net new jobs in Fort Collins. We think it's essential to keep our money right here in this community we love so much. 

Tell us about the support you’ve received from the Fort Collins community since you opened.

Support from the get-go has been overwhelming. People show up for all of our events, donate to our fundraisers, help us come up with new flavors and even compete in our donut eating contests! But really, the best example would be despite the pandemic and the struggles of 2020, we didn’t skip a beat. We are still here and stronger than ever.

You make your donuts “Colorado Style,” which means you focus on locally sourced ingredients throughout the state. What are some of your favorite Colorado ingredients to include on your menu, and why is it essential for Fort Collins Donut Company to play a role in supporting businesses across the state?

Our favorite local ingredients have to be peaches because they are so quintessential Colorado, cherries for the same reason, and also CHOCOLATE! We are so spoiled to have Nuance Chocolate here and get to use their chocolate and cocoas in all of our choco creations. We have some of the best chocolate on the planet right across the street; we would be crazy not to indulge. 

If someone is new to Fort Collins or is visiting the area, why should Fort Collins Donut Company be on their “bucket list” as a must-see to try?

We are a must-try FoCo staple because the experience from start to finish is pretty unique. From getting the donut made to order and served hot – to choosing whichever flavor you’d like on it, something classic or something you’ve never had as a donut. Paired with a tasty local coffee with homemade syrups. You won't find anything like us outside of FoCo that features all these awesome Colorado ingredients.


Sounds amazing doesn't it? You can try Fort Collins Donut Company along with other restaurants throughout Old Town by participating in an Old Town Food Tour! We offer a 2 1/2 - 3 hour guided walking tour of some of the best restaurants that the city has to offer. Tickets are available now as we look forward to re-engaging the local community, and introducing visitors, to one of the best food scenes in the country!